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 A look back at 2018

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A look back at 2018

Posted by: Admin on Fri, May 12, 2023


Just wanted to update everyone:

Linda Graham had major damage to her home.  She is staying with her friend.

Babette is in Shreveport with John for a few more weeks.

Jeannette and Bill are staying with her daughter about an hour away.  They are okay and expect to be back in their home at the end of this week.

They were here last Sunday, but are not feeling well and will not be here today. They expect to be here next week.

Eileen is in Ft Worth and is not expected to return until at least Thanksgiving.  She is not well.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Lynn is living in Dothan, but will be returning to Panama City this week.  She expects to be living in the trailer next weekend and will be in church.

Pam Griffin is in south Florida and I am unsure when she will return.  Her home is not livable and will need substantial repairs.  I believe they have found a contractor however.

The church and parish hall suffered minimal damage from the hurricane. The church had water damage from water being pushed through the gable vent.  The ceiling tiles will need replacement.  The floors, rear wall, and altar furniture all need cleaning.  The rear wall will need repainting.

The parish hall also had water pushed through the gable end vent.  The rear wall in the kitchen will need repainting. 

The majority of the damages were caused by the large number of trees that were down.  One tree was on the parish hall, all of the rest were broken and scattered around the front of the property, in front of the parish hall and the church.

The bishop sent a group of volunteers from Ocean Springs, MS to help us.  They were able to clear a path to the front doors.  The largest form of help came from David Heal, from north Georgia.

 He works for Byrdon Construction Services. While working on the Garden of Memories, he noticed that we needed some help.  Working after hours, as an individual,  he removed the tree, cleared about 40 other trees and generally gave us access to our buildings.  He would not take any payment. Just said pay if forward as you can.

While more trees and work on the grounds are needed, these initial volunteers made all the difference in the world and allowed us access to our buildings.

Pam Tiernan and her family lost their home.  They are living in the parish hall for the time being.  An outside shower/dressing room is being built to help make this more comfortable.

Bishop Russell has been in Panama City several times over the last month. He has been at St Patrick’s at least 3 times and has been kept abreast of what we are doing. 

He has made it clear that he likes the fact that we are pro-active in taking care of our members.  He has contributed to the cost of the trailer and the shower.  His assistant, Chris Heaney has visited as well.  Chris has advised us that we should submit our additional needs and associated expenses to him.  Through Episcopal Relief and Development as well as the Bishop’s discretionary fund, we may be able to obtain the funds needed for complete recovery.

In that line, I have submitted to Chris an estimate for the church and for the grounds.  This list is attached.

I believe that positive works are in progress and that we will continue on as a viable congregation.

We are doing as we are called.


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