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St Patrick's Episcopal Church


Photo Gallery: St Pat\'s Party 2015

St Pat\'s Party 2015
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Monica, "Grandpa Mike" and company
Viewed 1289 times
Julia and Bill
Viewed 1268 times
Hugs - one of the best things in life!
Viewed 1300 times
Viewed 1300 times
"Where's mine?" she says....
Viewed 1301 times
Friends, family and fun!
Viewed 1291 times
Slow dancing, swaying to the music....
Viewed 1305 times
Leo and Sue
Viewed 1288 times
Dessert anyone?
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Viewed 1315 times
We always have good food
Viewed 1293 times
Dick and Hercules
Viewed 1323 times
Dorothy and Eileen
Viewed 1290 times
Viewed 1293 times
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