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St Patrick's Episcopal Church


Photo Gallery: Kayla\'s Wedding/Kline Family

Kayla\'s Wedding/Kline Family
Kelsey giving the toast!
Viewed 1948 times
in the beginning - there was a photographer
Viewed 1933 times
Getting ready for the reception
Viewed 2049 times
Serious Ken (chili in the making)
Viewed 2055 times
The two rowdy ones.....
Viewed 2012 times
Preparing food for the reception
Viewed 1957 times
Inspecting the flowers!
Viewed 2093 times
Peace, flowing like a river.....
Viewed 2115 times
Full on view of the Wells Street Bridge
Viewed 2055 times
Reception - Matea Park
Viewed 2050 times
Gifts galore!
Viewed 2043 times
This is it.......
Viewed 1984 times
Bridesmaids and flower girl
Viewed 2024 times
Yes - that's the bridge
Viewed 2019 times
Nellie and her Mom
Viewed 2025 times
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